Workout Details

15 minute Abs

3 rounds, 1 minute of each exercise

  1. Russian Twist
  2. Sit ups with weighted arm extension
  3. Plank with side to side ball roll (or you can move a weight back and forth or just tap each side with your hand)
  4. Slow opposite knee to elbow mountain climbers
  5. Ab lying leg extensions with weight
Body Focus core, Lower Body

booty & hamstrings with 10 lb weight

Workout Details

Booty & Hamstrings with 10 lb weight

1 minute each exercise.. 3-4 rounds!

  1. Squat jump with press
  2. Straight leg deadlift (squeeze your booty at the top!)
  3. Walking lunges
  4. kickbacks with weight [30 sec each side]
  5. Hip thrust with DB
  6. Single leg hip thrust with DB [30 sec each side]
Body Focus Lower Body

upper body - no equipment needed!

Workout Details

Upper Body – No equipment needed!

4 rounds, 1 minute each exercise

  1. plank position shoulder taps
  2. High to low plank
  3. Push ups
  4. Superman’s
  5. Inchworm
Body Focus Upper Body

full body using paper plates

Workout Details

Full Body using paper plates

3-4 rounds, 1 minute each exercise

  1. lateral lunge (30 sec each side)
  2. Alternating leg curl
  3. plank oblique crunch
  4. Mountain climber
  5. Alternating arm extension
  6. Arm extension
Body Focus Full Body
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